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Happy Monday everyone!  We hope you are all having a beautiful start to the week.

On to our Moody Monday!

This week we are featuring our Happy Thoughts collection by Alisse Courter.  I am so in love with this collection!  I mean what’s not to love?  It’s fresh and lively with beautiful flowers in orange, navy and teal.

29 August

Happy Monday everyone!  We hope you are all having a beautiful start to the week.

This week we are featuring our Hello my Deer Collection by Camelot Design Studio.  I love how this collection looks overall. The taupe and olive colors blend in perfectly with the pink.  It adds a feminine feel to the outdoor theme that is so trendy right now.


I had a chance to play with this fabric line and you will be able to see my tips and tricks to make a pillow tomorrow.  Now don’t forget to look at our mixology grouping to find matching taupe, zinc and white colors.   And spruce it up with a touch of Mixology Woven in Cotton Candy!  You’d be surprised how it makes it all work!

Be sure to check out the full collection of Hello My Deer in your local quilt shop. Click here to find the one nearest your home.


Happy Sewing!

01 August

Happy Monday!


I hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you were able to get some time to craft or sew.


On to our Moody Monday!


On Sundays, I try to get my kids out of the city for a hike in the woods.  Yesterday we traded the hike for a meal in a Sugar Shack.  After the meal our kids were begging us to go home to their electronics, but as we were walking on the premises, we noticed that they offered horseback rides.  It was quite a surprise to see my kids mesmerized by these gracious animals.  It didn’t take too much convincing to get them to go for their very first ride.  When they got back, I noticed that the horse had a calming effect and I finally realized why so many people love horses.


This is why I have chosen to feature our Equestrian collection by our in house design Studio on our Moody Monday blog. Horse lovers will definitely want to get their hands on this collection to make crisp cotton shirts and kerchiefs.  And perhaps a tote or quilt?


Be sure to check out the full collection of Equestrian in your local quilt shop.  Click here to find the one nearest your home.


Let us know what you think of the collection and what you would make with it!  We would love to see what you have made so send us a picture for our Fan Friday blog!


Happy Sewing!


11 April

Time for this week’s What We Love ♥ Lots of gorgeous colors have been inspiring our Pinterest board… from the Pantone hotel to this stunning geometric carpet by Matt W. Moore. And of course, with Valentine’s Day coming up with weekend… red and pink have definitely been on our minds (and in our hearts!). See what else we’ve been loving… ♥


What We Love #84


Vivian: Matt W. Moore; Colorful Graphic Blankets
Ciana: Pantone Hotel
Vanessa: Coeur de Pirate
Shannen: Jessica Raine from Call the Midwife
Valeria: Ceviche; Peruvian Kitchen
Sara: Happy Valentine’s Day; Pusheen
Juan: Marvel Dress
Marion: Kid & Friend


We hope we have inspired with today’s post ♥ Let us know what you have been loving most!

11 February

And finally… we’re so excited to finally be able to share this collection with you – Batman V Superman!! Our Batman V Superman collection is in conjunction with the much anticipated film coming March, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The two superheros go head-to-head to battle it out, but must put aside differences and work together to save the world. Our Batman V Superman Collection showcases the two superheroes-in-action, along with the beautiful Wonder Woman and Justice League. The colors are dark and mysterious, but encompass the mood between the superheroes.




Put on your swirling cape – jet black or red – and you’ll be ready to conquer the world… or at least the day ahead! And then come home to your haven. Spruce up your Batcave with logo-shaped throw pillows in sleek grey and black, and a matching quilt.



If you’re as excited about the movie as we are, this collection will be the perfect fix for the meanwhile. And now the infamous question – who is your superhero of choice, suave Superman or mysterious Batman? Be sure to check out the full collection here.

29 January