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We’ve had our hands full this Tuesday, convincing our in-house bulldog Roxy to pose for pictures of dog-themed DIYs. Not a bad task for a Tuesday, right? Well, it took a little coaxing but she sat for us in the end.

Pet Themed Projects in Dog-Gone It

Fortunately for us, the DIYs took no convincing. For the dog-lovers out there (and we know there are a lot of you!), here’s a couple of playful little projects for your favourite pup. The fabrics? We dug into our Dog-Gone It collection, of course! This preppy group by Jackie McFee walks the line between sartorial style and lovable doggishness. Our gal Roxy may not have been too impressed by our choice of breed, though – both the collection and the table runner feature Dachshunds, not bulldogs.

08 August

Hi everyone,





Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a lovely one. Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day which fits in perfectly because…


It’s our Winsday! This week we hosted our Botanical FQ Bundle Giveaway on our Facebook Page. We wanted to know which of our Winter 2016 collections was your favorite. We love doing these mini surveys, so see what you all love and would want to see more of. We always have trouble choosing our favorites, as each collection is equally special to us, so it’s great to hear feedback from our fellow fabric enthusiasts. And now, of course, the winner! The winner of our Botantical bundle is…





Congratulations, Shannon Rowlett! We cannot wait to see what you create. Please email us your mailing address to by February 24th, 2016. And a huge thank you to everyone who entered!! Stay tuned for next week’s Winsday…




Happy Sewing!



17 February

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. It’s just about the weekend, and we can’t wait!!


Ending this week with our Fan Friday! Today we are featuring a gorgeous, modern quilt by of Tori of Mini Maxwell Kids. Mini Maxwell Kids is an adorable, fresh online shop dedicated to handmade, high-quality baby and toddler items. Tori has a great eye for choosing on-trend prints and fabrics for her bibs, burp cloths, blankets, and uber-sweet bunny teethers. We absolutely adore how stylish all of Tori’s pieces are; perfect for the fashionable mum who wants more of a modern nursery.




One blanket that especially caught our eye was this Modern Quilt Blanket with our Nordic collection. The muted blush, Scandinavian-inspired prints makes for a gorgeous baby (or grown-up!) cuddle-time blankie. We’re ready for snuggles!





Thank you so much for the fabric love, Tori! We are so obsessed with your Nordic blanket – and the rest of your shop. You can check out more from Mini Maxwell Kids on EtsyFacebookand Instagram. Have a brilliant weekend!





Happy Sewing!

05 February

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!! :)


On to our Moody Monday! Today we are featuring our Equestrian Collection by the Camelot Design Studio. Equestrian is a neutral, warm collection of western-inspired prints in a grey, black, and brown colorway. The beautiful, noble horse prints are accompanied by pretty rosette, stripe, and arrow patterns. These strong and fun prints make for a great background to a dress or bag!





Stella McCartney’s Pre- Spring/Summer 2016 Collection was a mix of citrus hues and bold patterns. Oranges, yellows, mints, and pink flowed among this collection, complementing the neutral tones and horse-patterned & floral jumpsuits. It is a super fun collection, that definitely is inspiring us for the springtime. We were so obsessed with this jumpsuit, that was reminiscent of our Equestrian collection.



Be sure to check out the full collection of Equestrian here. Let us know what you think of it, as well as Stella McCartney’s latest collection. Have a brilliant day!




Happy Sewing!

01 February

And finally… we’re so excited to finally be able to share this collection with you – Batman V Superman!! Our Batman V Superman collection is in conjunction with the much anticipated film coming March, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The two superheros go head-to-head to battle it out, but must put aside differences and work together to save the world. Our Batman V Superman Collection showcases the two superheroes-in-action, along with the beautiful Wonder Woman and Justice League. The colors are dark and mysterious, but encompass the mood between the superheroes.




Put on your swirling cape – jet black or red – and you’ll be ready to conquer the world… or at least the day ahead! And then come home to your haven. Spruce up your Batcave with logo-shaped throw pillows in sleek grey and black, and a matching quilt.



If you’re as excited about the movie as we are, this collection will be the perfect fix for the meanwhile. And now the infamous question – who is your superhero of choice, suave Superman or mysterious Batman? Be sure to check out the full collection here.

29 January