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I remember, a few years ago, a friend of mine commented on all the quilting blogs she was reading and I just couldn’t believe how many she was following.  I had replied that I simply did not have the time with the three babies in the house.  But in the next few days I made an effort to start reading one a day. Now that there is no need for diapers, strollers and bibs in my household, I dedicate 20 minutes every morning to blog reading.  And I also spend time writing some of my own blogs too.

I was on holidays last week and that gave me even more time to read up on some of my favorite blogs and I was surprised to see many writing on very delicate subjects.  Now I am not the type to write comments after reading the blog but the ones I read on holidays are still with me. So I want to take the time on this Thankful Thursday to say thank you!  Cause that’s what blogging is all about!

14 July

Who said How to’s day  blog posts had to be about quilting and sewing?  This is a special How To’s as I will show you how to plan a weekend getaway to Vermont with your Best Quilting Friends! I know this post is late for this year, that’s because I was living the moment over the weekend! I hope this post will inspire many of you to plan this trip in 2017.

I feel very fortunate to have many Best Quilting Friends and a bunch of us got away from it all and headed to our favorite place to be on the last week end of June: Vermont.

28 June

Time for this week’s What We Love ♥ Lots of gorgeous colors have been inspiring our Pinterest board… from the Pantone hotel to this stunning geometric carpet by Matt W. Moore. And of course, with Valentine’s Day coming up with weekend… red and pink have definitely been on our minds (and in our hearts!). See what else we’ve been loving… ♥


What We Love #84


Vivian: Matt W. Moore; Colorful Graphic Blankets
Ciana: Pantone Hotel
Vanessa: Coeur de Pirate
Shannen: Jessica Raine from Call the Midwife
Valeria: Ceviche; Peruvian Kitchen
Sara: Happy Valentine’s Day; Pusheen
Juan: Marvel Dress
Marion: Kid & Friend


We hope we have inspired with today’s post ♥ Let us know what you have been loving most!

11 February

It’s time for this week’s What We Love #83 ♥ As we end the first month of 2016, we’ve been taking the time to reflect on those “new year resolutions”. January has been a rocky, busy month but there is still so much time to make 2016 the best one yet! Here’s to taking risks and chances, even a little bit at a time. As well, we introduce our newest member to the Design Team – Vivian! See what we have been loving this week… ♥

What We Love #83


Ciana: Cloud Pullover
Marion: Pretty Plant
Shannen: Maine Coon
Vanessa: Pretty Flamingo Toy
Valeria: True Love Print
Sara: Macbeth; 2016
Juan: Dayer Quintana, Campeón Tour de San Luis 2016
Vivian: Possible, Plausible, Potential; Miguel Nóbrega



We hope we have inspired you ♥

29 January

Time for our What We Love this week ♥ Taking a moment for a couple of incredible people who left us all too soon this week… David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Two remarkable men who have inspired many people to follow their dreams and be themselves. See what else we have been loving…


What We Love #82


Marion: Alan Rickman
Juan: Legends of Tomorrow
Sara: Adventure Time
Vanessa: Hot Tub Cookie Art Print
Ciana: Pear Photograph
Shannen: Pressed Leaves




We hope we’ve inspired you with today’s post. Let us know what has been inspiring you this week ♥

14 January