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Spring Quilt Market took place last weekend and I thought I should take our Thankful Thursday blog to thank all the Quilt Shop owners that stopped by our booth during the show to see our new lines.  As you may have read in last week’s post, we were more than ready to present our new lines and the feedback was great!

Everyone loved our booth and we have Shannen to thank for such a wonderful set up!


I just loved the section featuring our Rose Quartz & Serenity collection by Jackie Savage McFee .  Everyone took notice of the Pantone colors of the year with so many projects to inspire. Hello my Deer collection was also a huge success as well as our Mama & Me Collection.


Our Disguise collection  by Paula McGloin was also a huge hit! Everyone loved the idea of making masks with our fabrics.  And we can’t forget the lovely Happy Thoughts collection by Alisse Courter that captured the hearts of so many during the show.



The team was really happy to be there and we thank you again for dropping by our booth.

Now in the weeks to come I plan to thank the fabulous designers behind all our great projects featured at Quilt Market.  They helped us make our booth a great success !

Have an amazing day, everyone :)

26 May

Have you ever been in a local park during a football practice?  It’s something to see, I have been watching my 13 year old boy going to practices and matches for the past 4 years and I am just amazed every time I see them work out until shear exhaustion and going back on the field simply because the coach asked.  And hearing their team cheer at the end… What a rush.  I understand how being part of that team is important to him, it gives him a sense of belonging

And I have to admit, I feel the same way when we get ready for Quilt Market. That’s the quilter’s Jamboree!  Our time to meet everyone and share our passion for quilting.

We at Camelot Fabrics have spent numerous hours preparing our booth with great detail to present our new collections.  We simply can’t wait to show you the fabrics, the quilts, the clothing and let’s not forget the cute toys.  So please drop by booth # 1209 and say hello!

If you are a Quilt Shop owner, you will want to stay just a bit longer so that we can present all of our lines as well as some marketing ideas we have to help you promote your wonderful store!

That’s right!

While other fabric companies are setting up promotions directly to consumers, we would like to have a different approach.  We would much rather promote the local quilt shops that work hard every day to provide the best service to their customers.  How are we planning to help?  We have two marketing strategies that can help get customers into your store and buying fabrics.

Let’s start by getting them into the store:

E-mail us photos of your quilt shop featuring our Camelot Fabrics.  Add a brief description of your shop and its location and things to do in your area.  Once a week, we will be featuring a Quilt Shop on our social media (Blog, facebook, Twitter, Instgram and Pinterest).

Then let’s get you selling more fabrics:

If you like the projects that are in our booth, than you will love the idea of having some of the quilts, clothing and toys featured in your own shop!  We are preparing a series of trunk shows that will be moving on a monthly basis along with kits on consignment. So make sure to sign up during the show as space is limited.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you simply have to stop at booth # 1209.  If you can’t make it to the Spring Quilt Market but would like to participate in our marketing strategy, simply send us an e-mail at

Just doing our part to help you sell more of our fabrics.

19 May

Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday!

We haven’t had a Thankful Thursday in quite some time and I thought this would be a good week to start again considering it’s Mother’s day on Sunday.  Now if you are like me… you are probably hitting the panic button because you KNOW it’s mother’s day on May 8th but didn’t quite realize that this is happening this Sunday!

So what to do?  What to say?

Have no fear, thanks to Camelot Fabrics’ easy DIY free projects, I have found something that is fast and easy to do: Conversation Heart Banner and Gift Tag!


Thankful Thursday Mother's Day

There is no sewing involved so you can even get your kids to help out, or get your grand kids to surprise their moms!

There is no limit to what can be done with our Ad-Fab™  and Chalkboard fabrics.  Just remember that when working with any adhesive product, it’s best to use non-stick scissors. Alternatively, have cotton balls and some rubbing alcohol on hand to keep your scissor blades nice and clean

Happy Crafting!

05 May

Hi everyone,




Happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a fabulous day. I hope you have been enjoying our Winter 2016 Collections Launch Week! Be sure to check out our latest launches here.


And speaking of things we enjoy, we absolutely adore when we hear the sweetest things about our fabric collections. And one shop who we just have to feature is Handmade for Hannah. Handmade for Hannah is a shop located in Australia, dedicated to showcasing simple designs in beautiful, high-quality fabrics. Sindy is the owner and designer behind the shop, with her shop name being inspired by her daughter. The wonderful thing is that each item in the Handmade for Hannah shop is carefully handmade by Sindy, so each piece is unique and made with love.


One of her recent handmade items is a custom, scoop-back dress for Julie, featuring our Let’s Go by Andrea Turk fabric. The light orange fox print is so pretty with the white piping around the neck and back line, and picot lace trim along the hemline! It is the most precious of little dresses, and we hope it gets to go on many fun adventures.





Thank you so much for the fabric love, Sindy!! You truly have made our day with your Let’s Go dress. Be sure to check out more from Handmade for Hannah on Instagram and Facebook. Have a great day!





Happy Sewing!

28 January

Hi everyone,





Happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. Today is National Hugging Day, so be sure to give a big bear hug to all your favorite people :)


On to one of our favorite people for today’s Thankful Thursday, one of artists – Allison Cole – received an honorable mention in the 3×3 Magazine. The 3×3 Magazine is all about highlighting different artists, illustrations, and designs. Each month is a new theme, such as “children’s picture books” where several artists and illustrations are featured.


Each year, 3×3 Magazine launches their “Annual”, where top juries choose best illustrations in the categories of professional, student, and children’s book. 395 winners from over two dozen countries are featured in the Annual. In their 12th issue, one of Allison Cole’s What’s Cookin’ prints – Kitchen in Cream – was featured as an honorable mention. We are so proud of and excited for Allison. She is such a talented and creative person, and we are so glad to know and work with her.






You can check out all the lovely artists mentioned by 3×3 magazine here. Thank you for mentioning such a wonderful artist and gorgeous design. Also, you can find the What’s Cookin fabric collection on our website! Have an awesome rest of day :)





Happy Sewing!

21 January