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How many of you were able to go to Comic-Con in San Diego?  It must have been quite a weekend.

In case you have been too busy in your sewing room to glance outside, I feel the need to let you know that this is a very special year for fans!  They are celebrating Start Trek’s 50th anniversary!  Whether a fan or not, this is quite an accomplishment:

08 August

Happy Monday everyone!  We hope you are all having a beautiful start to the week.

This week we are featuring our Hello my Deer Collection by Camelot Design Studio.  I love how this collection looks overall. The taupe and olive colors blend in perfectly with the pink.  It adds a feminine feel to the outdoor theme that is so trendy right now.


I had a chance to play with this fabric line and you will be able to see my tips and tricks to make a pillow tomorrow.  Now don’t forget to look at our mixology grouping to find matching taupe, zinc and white colors.   And spruce it up with a touch of Mixology Woven in Cotton Candy!  You’d be surprised how it makes it all work!

Be sure to check out the full collection of Hello My Deer in your local quilt shop. Click here to find the one nearest your home.


Happy Sewing!

01 August

This Moody Monday is all about our quest for calm and celebrates a softer side with Jackie McFee capturing the essence of the two Pantone colours of the year: Rose Quartz & Serenity!


This new collection, Rose Quartz & Serenity, brings a sense of calm and relaxation.  It reminds me of the beautiful sunsets I was lucky enough to see during my holiday in Cape Cod.  The fabrics offer a balance between a warmer embracing rose and a cooler tranquil blue and will surely help you enjoy the moment you spend working on that very special project.

Making a quilt featuring this collection will surely provide you with a much-needed sense of tranquility and inner peace.

What are you planning to make with this collection? Be sure to check out the full program  in your local quilt shop.  Click here to find the one nearest your home.

Happy Sewing!


25 July

Here is a refreshing Moody Monday!   I know some of you will wonder why I am bringing up fleece and flannel in the middle of summer?  Has the heat made me insane?   Not at all!

I know for a fact that I am not the only one taking advantage of the summer to start working on my holiday gift making!  When it’s pouring rain or crazy hot outside, I go down to my quilt cave and feel completely fresh while making gifts for my family and friends.

And who wouldn’t love a Pajama pant made out of the lovely Disney Flannel!  So I simply MUST feature Disney new Fleece and Flannel program launching early August in your local quilt shop.


You can also use flannel to make a quilt and don’t hesitate to mix in cotton with flannel to stimulate both your tactile and sight senses.  Imagine a young child’s surprise to feel a pinwheel differently than the rest of the block!  (Oh no…. here I go… must try that!)  Simply remember to prewash your flannel twice compared to your cotton as it tends to shrink a bit more.

And what’s to say about adding fleece as a backing to a quilt?  Make sure you baste it properly so that it doesn’t move during the quilting process (i.e.: use lots of pins) and ensure you use proper walking foot, thread and needle!

What are you planning to make with these? Be sure to check out the full program  in your local quilt shop.  Click here to find the one nearest your home.

Happy Sewing!

18 July

Let’s start the week off setting the mood with our Moody Monday!    We are featuring Disney The Jungle Book by the Camelot Design Studio.


11 July