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August is for “Back to School” projects!

August 14th, 2016 by Suzanne @ Camelot

August is probably my favorite month out of the year.  First of all it’s the month that has the most birthdays in my agenda!  Not only was I born in August, but as time goes by I realize that a lot of people I know are also from that month.   Within two weeks, I celebrate over 12 birthdays!  And would you believe me if I’d say that I share my very own birthday with three other friends!  So my birthday has never been about me but more about friends and family rejoicing that we survived yet another year!

But I digress… I love August as it is also the month that we are truly enjoying summer!  We spend as much time outdoors as possible cause living up north means that in just a couple of months we will be losing our precious sunlight and getting lots of snow.

And what I like even more about August is that once it’s finished: the kids head back to school :-)

I spend a lot of time in August getting them ready!  I enjoy shopping for new pencils, markers and crayons and buying original note pads and binders.  And what I love even more is preparing home-made items such as their gym bag, pencil case and place-mat.  I even had a teacher asking us for a pillow one year… my son had the most original one in the class.

I thought I should share some of my favorite projects with you this year so that you could also enjoy some time in your sewing room getting your kids or grand-kids ready for back to school!

So be sure to read our How-To Tuesday posts this month for great back to school ideas!

And don’t hesitate to send us what you would like to make also!

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