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June 20th, 2016 by Suzanne @ Camelot

Hello Everyone!  Did you know that today is the Summer Solstice?  This means that if you live in the northern hemisphere than this is the day you have the longest daylight of the year!    It kind of sets the tone for our Moody Monday and  I thought the Bright Side collection would be suited for the occasion although it will only ship in October.

BS-Panel 2240906P


I have always loved the Summer Solstice as it also means that school will soon be finished and we get to start our holidays.  For many of us, it also means that we will have less time in our sewing rooms and I thought I should remind you all that you can bring your hobby outdoors!

Enjoy the summer and bring some of your sewing time outside!  Have you tried English Paper Piecing or Hand quilting with Cotton pearl #8?  Those are great activities that can be done on a comfortable chair in your back yard while the kids are playing. One of my very good friend, Dominique Ehrmann, managed to get her sewing machine to work with a solar panel!  So she can bring her machine along when she travels.



I remember last year there was a group trying to get quilters together in community parks on summer solstice day to promote and share their passion for quilt making! I have searched the web trying to find them this year and couldn’t (please do leave a comment if you found the link). But wouldn’t it be great if this would become an annual event?

Summer solstice is also an inspiration for many quilt patterns and this year Melissa Corry is planning a Summer Solstice Quilt-A-Long which I find to be very nice!  I might give it a try with some of our Mixology & fresh Solids!




So please don’t say you can’t do any more sewing for the summer cause there are just so many possibilities!  Go ahead and be creative!  And please share what you will have Freshly Made while being outdoors!

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