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June 9th, 2016 by Suzanne @ Camelot

Remember our Moody Monday blog where I mentioned I wanted my 6 year old son to make a pillowcase for Father’s day?  Well, I’ve decided to break it down for you with pictures so you can prepare one this coming weekend and be ready for Father’s day next Sunday.  As we should all be thankful to fathers for being there for their kids!

You can check the DIY Project sheet prepared by Marion HERE.

Start off by choosing your favorite pattern in the collection, then grab two fabrics that go well with it – these will be the accent and edge fabrics.  I recommend selecting a thread that will match your edge fabric, since I’ll be cheating a little in this project and we need a matching thread to ensure that it looks nice!


Once you have cut the fabrics as stated in the pattern, stitch the accent fabric to the main fabric with ¼” seam.


Now fold the accent fabric in half so that the right side faces you again and add the edge fabric, ensuring that they align on the edge of the main fabric.


Stitch the layers together at ¼” seam.  Press the seams along the edge fabric.


Fold the whole piece in half, right sides together, and stitch at ¼” seam along two sides of the project.  DO NOT stitch the accent end closed!


Press the seam open (OK, so I did this part myself, rather than trusting my 6-year-old with the iron).



Fold the edge fabric in by about ½” (I did that part too).


Align the folded edge to the accent seam inside the pillowcase and stitch together.  The pattern says to hand-stitch, but I refuse (that’s where I cheated).  Using a matching thread can actually make the cheat look good, as you could use a decorative stitch.


One last trick would be to use a chopstick to work on the end corners of your pillow slip so that they are nice and neat.  You can adjust the length of the fabric to fit into smaller size pillows, too.  So enjoy!  Have fun making a bunch!

You now have a beautiful Father’s day gift!  But if your kid is like mine, he won’t want to give it to Dad… he’ll want to use it and go camping right away! Guess I’ll have to come up with another Father’s day gift by next week.


Happy sewing, everyone!

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