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May 2nd, 2016 by Suzanne @ Camelot

Hi everyone

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

I had a tough one! I finished closing my quilt shop which was a bittersweet moment. I had opened the shop twelve years ago as I wanted to take time off my career to have kids. Now that I have three wonderful boys that are all in school, I felt the urge to get back on track with my career. So here I am now at Camelot Fabrics.

But on Sunday night, I was very sore from moving so much furniture and boxes (I still have no idea where I will store all my lovely quilts!) so I indulged in a bubble bath with soothing lavender. Who can resist lavender?  As I relaxed, I started thinking of my next day at work and I chose at that instant what would be featured on our moody Monday blog:

The Lavishmnint collection

By Jackie McFee


This collection will surely be a hit in your next project. I can just imagine a baby quilt or summer dress and why not make pin cushions filled with lavender scented ground walnut shells.

Be sure to check out the full collection of Lavishmint in your local quilt shop.  Click here to find the one nearest your home.

Let us know what you think of the collection and what you would make with it!

Happy Sewing!


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