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HOW TO’S DAY: Tabbed Curtains

April 19th, 2016 by Suzanne @ Camelot

Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday! Time for our How To’s Day!

I am not sure what you guys were up to last week end but with the nice weather I actually started cleaning out my backyard.  I had no choice as my husband has one obsession: his pool.  We were already mid-April and he just could not stand to wait another week to get it started.

You will soon learn that I am not a gardener, nor a cook, my true passion is fabrics.  So I gladly helped out to get the backyard ready for summer as it would mean that I get the basement (AKA my quilt cave) all to myself again.  The patio is set as well as our gazebo. But I noticed last summer that we have new neighbours and they tend to be in the backyard quite a bit as well so I started to wonder… and that’s when I got the idea to pull out this DIY project that we have made a while back:  The Tabbed Curtains!


I haven’t quite decided on which mixology fabric to choose from: Honeycomb, woven, tonic or herringbone.  I might even go for a scented  fabric!   Perhaps the Lavender Vanilla fabric for the curtains with some Pine Balsam as pillows.  That would really make a nice cozy and private outdoors area.  So I know what I am preparing next week end in my quilt cave!

How about you? What would you make for your outdoor area?


Let us know and happy sewing!


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