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How To’s Day: Yoga Strap in Kaleidoscope by Snapdragon Studios

February 23rd, 2016 by Camelot Fabrics

Hi Everyone,

This How To’s Day, we’re pleased as punch to introduce a brand new DIY! Find a little zen before your asanas and oms begin.  This ingenious little strap fits a yoga mat and adjusts in length to carry by your side or over your shoulder thanks to the slide adjuster construction.  Dress it up with ric-rac, ribbon and trim or add an extra tab for a caribiner or lobster clasp and never lose your keys.  It is designed to use the width of the fabric, so if you choose a fabric with a lengthwise pattern be aware that you will need additional yardage of the main fabric (1-1/4 yds instead of 1/2 yd).
Yoga Strap by Snapdragon Studios | in Kaleidoscope

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Tools & Supplies
1/2 yd Kaleidoscope quilting cotton (44″ wide) from Camelot Fabrics in 2143405 #2
Two 1.5” D-rings or metal loops
One 1.5” metal slide adjuster
10” of 1” Velcro 
1 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing (optional)

1. Cut 1 strip 6” wide x 36” for shoulder strap.
2. Cut 2 strips 6” wide x 22” for wraps.
3. Cut 2 additional pieces 6” wide x 2-1/4” long for ring tabs.
4. Cut the same pieces from the interfacing (optional)

If using interfacing, apply it to the wrong side of each corresponding fabric piece following manufacturer’s instructions.


Prepare the strips

1.  Fold the short edges of the shoulder strap under ½” to the wrong side and press.  Fold the shoulder strap in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press.  Open the strap and fold each long raw edge in to the center crease and press, then refold the strap at the original crease, enclosing all the raw edges and press.


2. Edge-stitch around the shoulder strap.

3. Fold and press both wraps using the same technique as for the shoulder strap but do not edge-stitch.

4.  Fold and press both ring tabs using the same technique but do not fold under the ends.  Edge-stitch each folded edge of the ring tabs, leaving the raw edges unstitched.  Thread one ring/loop onto each tab.



1. Fold the first wrap in half matching the short ends and mark the center with a pin.

2. Pin one ring tab at the center mark, tucking the raw ends of the tab inside the folded edge of the wrap.

3. Edge-stitch around the wrap stitching the tab and ring/loop in place.


4. Repeat for the second wrap.

5. Thread one end of the shoulder strap through the center bar of the slide adjuster, folding it back on itself by 1-1/2”. Stitch a box with an X through it to secure it.


6. Thread the loose end of the shoulder strap through one ring on a wrap strap, then through the slide adjuster over the center bar.

7. Thread the same loose end of the shoulder strap through the remaining ring, and fold it back on itself by 1-1/2”. Stitch this “tail” to the shoulder strap in a box shape with an “X” through it.


Attach the Velcro

1. Cut the Velcro in two 5” strips.

2. Lay the entire strap on a flat surface with the wraps flat at each side and the shoulder strap across the center.

3. Center a male strip of Velcro vertically on the upper left wrap, with the end of the Velcro near the end of the wrap. Pin and stitch in place.

4. Place a female strip of Velcro on the underneath side of the same wrap, at the opposite end. Pin and stitch in place.

5. Repeat to attach the Velcro to the wrap on the right hand side.


That’s it! We hope this easy little DIY will bring you a boost of happiness and health, to ease you through the end of winter.

Yoga Strap by Snapdragon Studios | in Kaleidoscope

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