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NEW for Winter 2016: Batman V Superman Collection by Camelot Design Studio

January 29th, 2016 by Camelot Fabrics

And finally… we’re so excited to finally be able to share this collection with you – Batman V Superman!! Our Batman V Superman collection is in conjunction with the much anticipated film coming March, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The two superheros go head-to-head to battle it out, but must put aside differences and work together to save the world. Our Batman V Superman Collection showcases the two superheroes-in-action, along with the beautiful Wonder Woman and Justice League. The colors are dark and mysterious, but encompass the mood between the superheroes.




Put on your swirling cape – jet black or red – and you’ll be ready to conquer the world… or at least the day ahead! And then come home to your haven. Spruce up your Batcave with logo-shaped throw pillows in sleek grey and black, and a matching quilt.



If you’re as excited about the movie as we are, this collection will be the perfect fix for the meanwhile. And now the infamous question – who is your superhero of choice, suave Superman or mysterious Batman? Be sure to check out the full collection here.

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