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What We Love #76 ♥

November 26th, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

Time for this week’s What We Love #76 ♥ Lots of fluffy and adorable things this week. I mean, who could resist a capybara adorably taking a bath or a festive pug? See what else we have been loving…

What We Love #76



Juan: Colombia Magia Salvaje
Roxanne: Foxy Print
Marion: Capybara Taking a Shower
Valeria: The Good Dinosaur
Ciana: 5 Eggs Wrapped in Rice Straw
Sara: Flying Squirrel
Vanessa: Festive Pug
Shannen: Hot Chocolate




We’d love to know what you have been inspired by this week! And, as always, find more inspiration on our Pinterest 

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