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What We Love #75 ♥

November 19th, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

It’s time for this week’s What We Love #75 ♥ How did the holiday season catch up with us so soon? As we step outside now, the streets are decked in glitter and sparkle – creating a magical scene against the onyx sky. We can’t help by getting to the holiday spirit, even though it isn’t quite December yet. But, it never is too early to listen to holiday music or bake gingerbread people… at least we don’t think so ;) See what we have been loving this week… ♥

What We Love #75


Ciana: Creuset Pots in Pink
Marion: Grey Fox; Willowynn
Valeria: Hedgehog in Flower Crown
Vanessa: Ripley’s Aquarium; Toronto
Sara: The Exquisite Sea Urchin
Roxanne: The Bean; Chicago, Illinois
Juan: Hotel del Salto; Bogota, Colombia



I hope you have been inspired by today’s post. We’d love to know what has been inspiring you lately! ♥

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