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NEW for Fall 2015: Kaleidoscope by Camelot Design Studio

October 22nd, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

Another collection to share for Fall 2015Kaleidoscope by the Camelot Design Studio! Kaleidoscope is a free-spirited collection of bold purple, mint, and pink hues that create playful ikats, confetti, and mandela patterns! What makes this collection especially unique is that there is a dispersion in some of the prints, such as the confetti dots. This would make an especially adorable circle skirt with the more clustered speckles at the bottom, to create an ombred effect!





The prints are what make Kaleidoscope different and fun! If your decor mantra is to be unique and perhaps even a little “eccentric”, this Sounds of the Summer Quilt¬†would be a great addition to your interior space.





Let us know what you think about our Kaleidoscope by Camelot Design Studio collection! We’ve got lots more to share, so stay tuned on the blog :)

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