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How To’s Day: Meadow Star Table Runner by Meadow Mist Designs

October 6th, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

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Time for this week’s How To’s Day! Today we are featuring one of the projects from our Free Projects Program our Meadow Star Table Runner pattern by Meadow Mist Designs. This table runner is the perfect mix between classic and modern, with the triangle starburst design. It would be a beautiful compliment to your Thanksgiving table, especially with the feminine and cool colors of our Darling collection. We adore how the pink and grey contrasting prints work together in this table runner!




Want to design your own Meadow Star Table Runner? Click MORE to see the full tutorial.

Project Designed By: Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs
Fabric Collection: Darling by Camelot Design Studio





– 1/2 yard of quilt batting (58” wide) from Camelot Fabrics
– sewing machine & coordinating thread
– rotary cutter & fabric shears
– straight edge ruler & measuring tape
– straight pins
– fabric marker or pencil


– WOF = width of fabric (42”)
– HST = half square triangle
– Unless otherwise directed, sew all seams with a scant 1/4” seam allowance and press them open as you go.
– Please wash, dry & iron your fabric before beginning, and trim selvages.
The block finishes at 9” and the finished table runner measures at 18” x 54”. You can easily change the size of the runner by adding or subtracting blocks to fit your table.



1. Draw a diagonal line through the center of each Fabric A square, on the Wrong Side of the fabric.

2. Place each Fabric A square on a 4” Fabric C square, Right Sides together, and sew 1/4” from the diagonal line on either side.

3. Cut along the drawn line to create (2) A/C HST units. Repeat to create (48) A/C HST units.


4. Make (24) B/C HST units in the same manner, using your (12) 4” Fabric B squares & (12) remaining 4” Fabric C squares

5. Trim all (72) HST units to 3-1/2” square.

6. Sew the following HSTs & 3-1/2” squares together in (3) rows of (3):
Row 1 – Fabric C square + A/C HST + B/C HST
Row 2 – A/C HST + Fabric B square + A/C HST
Row 3 – B/C HST + A/C HST + Fabric C square

7. Sew the (3) rows together to form the 9-square block. Repeat to make (12) blocks.

8. Trim these blocks to 9-1/2” square.


1. Referring to the Assembly Layout, sew the blocks together in (2) rows of (6). Note the orientation of the blocks – they should alternate direction.

2. Sew the (2) rows together top-to-bottom to complete the table runner’s top.





1. Join the Fabric D strips end-to-end and press into double-fold binding.

2. Layer the table runner top, backing & backing. Baste & quilt as desired, and trim the excess backing & batting. Bind with the Fabric D binding.



And that’s it!! Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s tutorial. For ease, you can also click here for the PDF printout, and you can also find alternative versions here. Have an amazing day!




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