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What We Love #65 ♥

September 10th, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

Sharing our What We Love #65 ♥ Lots of delicate colors and pretty inspiration on our boards this week, from flowers-turned-illustrations to dreamy movie classics…

What We Love #65



Valeria: Cacti + Pink
Vanessa: Floral Fashion Illustration; Meredith Wing Design, LLC
Marion: Wes Anderson Postcards
Shannen: Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall + Betty Grable in How to Marry a Millionaire
Sara: Tom Kha Soup
Ciana: Louise Bourgeois
Juan: Pixels Movie
Roxanne: Fashion Illustration; Meredith Wing Design, LLC



We hope we have inspired you this week! We’d love to know what you have been loving too ♥

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