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What We Love #62 ♥

August 20th, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

It’s time for this week’s What We Love ♥ This week, we have been inspired by the creatives around us. From the adorable ballerina print by Carter Goodrich to the amazing actress that is Eartha Kitt, there are so many incredible talented people to look up to and admire. There’s nothing wrong with getting the creative juices flowing by going to a museum or watching an interesting documentary. Being inspired by others is good and healthy. See what else we have been loving… ♥

What We Love #62



Valeria: Ballerina Print; Carter Goodrich
Marion: Blue Thread
Roxanne: String Lights DIY
Juan: Eartha Kitt as Catwoman on ‘Batman’ TV Series
Sara: Thumper & Miss. Bunny
Ciana: Oji Masanori Kami Mug
Vanessa: Aitch’s VeggieFruit Alphabet Art Print; HelloAitch
Shannen: Mini Rodini Kid’s Apparel



I hope you all have been inspired by this week’s What We Love. We’d love to know what you have been loving! ♥

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