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What We Love #60 ♥

August 6th, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

Time for our What We Love #60 ♥ This week, we have very much been inspired by travel, culture, and wonders. Such as the gorgeous city of Bilbao (where one of our designers, Val, had the pleasure of visiting!) to the Feria de Las Flores – a floral festival in Colombia, there is an abundance of culture and brilliance to be explored around us. See what else we have been loving this week… ♥





Vanessa: “We’re all a little Weird” Print
Ciana: Quartz on Arsenopyrite | Portugal
Shannen: Henna
Valeria: Bilbao, Spain
Sara: Sacred Geometry; from “A Handbook of Ornament”
Roxanne: Iridescent Rainbow Mermaid Earrings
Juan: Feria de Las Flores: Medellin Colombia Flower Festival
Marion: “Brave as a Mouse” Print



Hope you feel inspired today! We’d love to know what has been inspiring you. Sometimes we forget to tell our favorite people how much they mean to us, so today, tell those favorite people how dearly you love them. They’ll feel the love, and so will you ♥ 

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