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Thankful Thursday: Folklore Quilt Feature in McCall’s Quick Quilts

July 23rd, 2015 by Camelot Fabrics

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Happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a lovely day. Today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day… we’ll gladly have ice cream of ANY flavor, any day. If we could, of course haha ;)


Time for our Thankful Thursday! Today we are featuring a fantastic quilting read, the McCall’s Quick Quilts magazine. McCall’s Quick Quilts is the McCall’s magazine dedicated to the beginner quilter, those who have just found an interest in quilting and aren’t quite sure where to begin or those who are looking for some easier-leveled quilt patterns. As the name suggests, this magazine is all about modern quilting, and focuses on patterns. Each issue includes a good number of quilt patterns to choose from, so you may have some future WIPs coming up ;) “Make fresh, fun, fabulous quilts” is this issue’s motto, and we couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves.




In the latest issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts, Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis (also one of our amazing pattern designers!), designed a quilt pattern for them called Morning Stroll. Morning Stroll focuses on a lesson on quick and easy curves, using templates to create pieced wedges. The quilt pattern features our Folklore Collection by Heather Rosas, with the pretty red and blue feminine prints creating such a stunning bed quilt.






Thank you Tammy for choosing our Folklore collection, and for McCall’s Quick Quilts for featuring the wonderful quilt pattern. You can find the Morning Stroll pattern in their latest issue, so be sure to check it out!! Have a fantastic rest of the day!





Happy Sewing!

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