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How To’s Day: Macaron Pillows Tutorial

July 1st, 2014 by Camelot Fabrics

Hi everyone!





Happy Tuesday everyone!! Happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canadians! We hope you all are having a great day. Our #PetitePlume Pinterest Giveaway ends this Wednesday!! Be sure to enter HERE if you haven’t yet :)


It’s also time for this week’s How To’s Day! It’s no secret that we love all sorts of sweets and yummy food here at the Camelot Design Studio. Have you seen our What We Love Board? :) We enjoy baking sweet treats, and more importantly, eating them…it’s always a good day when someone brings in something delicious to the office. So inspired by all of our sweet tooths, we decided to make macaron pillows with our fleece…and boy did they turn out exceptionally sweet!!




Our Macaron Pillows are soft, comfy, adorable…and almost good enough to eat! We can imagine a bunch of our macarons, in different pastel colors, decorating a daybed or little girl’s bedroom – oh how cute, right? Because we used our plush fleece, they are perfect for cozying up with, either with a good book or for a little nap. We used our rose, turquoise, and white fleece making our macarons a cascade of pastel confectionary!





Want to make your very own Macaron Pillows? Click HERE to see the full tutorial :)

Macaron Pillows Tutorial




– 1 yard of Plush Coral Fleece (58” wide) from Camelot Fabrics in 8322/E #11, White, 8322/E #03, Rose, or 8322/E #04, Turquoise, for the Main color
– 1/8 yard of Plush Coral Fleece in 8322/E #11, White, for the Filling color
– fiber stuffing
– paper printer
– basic sewing supplies:
– sewing machine
– needle & coordinating thread (We used 100% Aurofil Cotton in #2410 for the pink macaron and #2805 for the turquoise macaron)
– iron & pressing surface
– measuring tape
– scissors & fabric shears
– straight pins
– fabric marker


– Please wash your fabric before beginning.
– Do not iron fleece.
– The nap on our plush fleece causes one side to look darker than the other. For this project, we’ll use this effect to give the impression of different parts of the macaron’s meringue.
– WOF = Width of Fabric.


1. Print the Macaron Pillow template at 100% actual size and join the pieces by matching the numbered triangles. Cut out the template.
2. Pin the Macaron Pillow template to a double layer of your Main color; cut out (2) Macaron pieces from the Main.
3. Cut a 6” x WOF strip from your Main color.
4. Cut a 4” x WOF strip from your Filling color.


1. With its raw edges tucked underneath it, topstitch the Filling strip to the Main strip as shown with a 1/4” seam allowance. The longer-nap side of the Filling and the shorter-nap (darker) side of the Main should be facing up.
Trim any excess Filling.


2. Sew the Filling unit from Step 1 to the outer edge of one Macaron piece with a 5/8” seam allowance, with the Right Side of the Filling unit against the longer-nap (paler) side of the Macaron.
The diagram shows this step about 3/4 finished, but you should sew all the way around the circle.


3. Sew the second long edge of the Filling unit to the outer edge of the second Macaron circle and trip any excess Filling.
4. Invert the Macaron through the gap between the two ends of the Filing strip and stuff it. Whip-stitch the gap closed by hand.






We really hope you have enjoyed this week’s How To’s Day!! Let us know what you think. Speaking of desserts…what is everyone’s ultimate favorite sweet treat? :) If you decide to give this tutorial a try, or any of our DIY projects, we’d love to see. You can send your pictures to Have a fantastic day, everyone!!




Happy Sewing!

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