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How To’s Day: Star and Cloud Shape Pillows Tutorial

June 3rd, 2014 by Camelot Fabrics

Hi everyone!





Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having a wonderful day!! We are happily enjoying the sunshine and warm weather today. The pretty weather is making us daydream of taking a relaxing, tropical vacation to Turks & Caicos or Hawaii! And speaking of dreaming, we have got a DIY project to share with you today that reminds us of just that. Our heads are in the clouds today…


This week’s How To’s Day is our DIY Star and Cloud Shape Pillows tutorial! All of you fellow dreamers and astronomy lovers, this project is perfect for you. Another bonus, it is super easy to make AND is an exceptionally adorable project! Our shape pillows would be a great addition to a sky-themed bedroom (think clouds and stars scattered across a blue comforter!) or as a gift for a future astronaut! We always love to encourage creativity here, so these would be perfect playtime toys for kids – let their imaginations run free – and then a comfy accompaniment for naptime (because all that playing can wear you out, after all!). We adore our shape pillows with our Take Flight by Vita Mechachonis, a brilliant and bold airplane- and sky-themed collection!!





Click HERE to see our free tutorial on our Star and Clouds Shape Pillows! Let your imagination and creativity take you on a wonderful journey, to dance with the stars and the clouds…


Star and Cloud Shape Pillows Tutorial



– 2/3 yard of Take Flight quilting cotton in 1140504 #3 for the star
– 1/3 yard of Take Flight quilting cotton 1140501 #1 for the large cloud
– 1/4 yard of  Take Flight quilting cotton 1140506 #1 for the small cloud- printer & tape
– Fiber stuffing
– Basic sewing supplies: sewing machine & coordinating thread, iron & pressing surface, scissors & fabric shears, fabric marker, and straight pins

– Please wash, dry & iron your fabric before beginning.
– A 1/2” seam allowance is included in the templates.



1. Print the templates at 100% size and tape the pieces together by matching up the numbered triangles.
2. Fold your fabrics in half, Wrong Sides together, to make a 22” x 24“ rectangle (ster), a 22” x 9” rectangle (small cloud) and a 22” x 18” rectangle (large cloud). Pin the templates to these double layers of fabric and cut them out; you now have (2) fabric versions of each pillow shape.
3. Pin & topstitch each matching pair of pillow shapes together, Wrong Sides facing, around its perimeter, but leave a 5” gap along one edge.


4. Stuff the cloud and topstitch the gaps closed.



We hope you have enjoyed this week’s How To’s Day! If you decide to create this free project, or any of our free DIYs, we would love to see! You can always send along your pictures to – Have a great rest of the day! And remember to always keep dreaming :)





Happy Sewing!

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