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How To’s Day: Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial

April 29th, 2014 by Camelot Fabrics

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Happy Tuesday!! We hope everyone is having a lovely day. We are trying to embrace the milder weather, as we are supposed to be getting more rain in the next coming days. Sigh. We just want sunshine!! :)


In the meantime, we’ve got something else to brighten your day – it’s time for this week’s How To’s Day post! We’ve got a fantastic new tutorial to share with you all, our Easy Pillow Slip! We are all about simplicity and convenience here, so if we can make something…why not right? :) Bedcovers and sheets should be interchanged every couple of weeks, and there is honestly nothing better than the feeling of going to bed in fresh linens. However, buying extra bed wear can get pretty expensive, especially for something that can easily be made yourself, so we are going to share our tips & tricks with you today on just that!


How To's Day | Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial | Camelot Fabrics


Another awesome thing about bedcovers is that they are just that – covers for your bed! It’s the simplest way to change up a bedroom look; keep the rest of your bedroom décor neutral and add pops of color with your linens (ie. pillows, bed sheets, and curtains!). In a manner of minutes, you’ll have yourself a completely different looking room. It’s a great way to decorate on a budget (such as for a dorm room!), or for those who just like changing things up! Indulge in your inner interior decorator by mastering your very own pillow slips with our tutorial today.


Click MORE to see the full tutorial!

Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial


How To's Day | Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial | Camelot Fabrics



– 1 yd of 1140503 #3 (Light Taupe Air Mail) or 1140505 #2 (Dark Blue Signals) for the Main fabric

– 1/3 yd of 1140506 #1 (Blue Propellers) or 1140506 #3 (Yellow Propellers) for the Accent fabric

- 1/8 yd of 214-0001 White for the Edging

– Basic sewing supplies: Sewing machine, needle & coordinating thread, iron & pressing surface, fabric shears, straight pins, and measuring tape



– Please wash, dry & iron your fabric before beginning.

– Unless otherwise noted, sew all seams with a 1/2” seam allowance.

– The pillowcase is sized to fit regular bed pillows as follows: Standard (Queen, King). Where no brackets are used, the piece is the same size for all three types of pillow.



1. Cut a 26” (32”, 38”) x 36” rectangle from your Main fabric.

2. Cut a 9” x 36” rectangle from your Accent fabric.

3. Cut a 2” x 36” strip from your Edging fabric. Fold this strip in half lengthwise and press the crease.



1. Baste the long raw edge of the Edging to one 36” edge of the Main fabric, against the Right Side of the Main fabric. Use a 1/4” seam allowance.

How To's Day | Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial | Camelot Fabrics

2. Sew the Accent fabric to the Main fabric along the same edge, with the Edging sandwiched between them. Press your seam allowace toward the Main fabric, with the Edging lying toward the Accent fabric on the pillowcase’s Right Side.

How To's Day | Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial | Camelot Fabrics

3. Fold the work in half with the Right Sides together, so that the ends of the Edging meet each other. Sew the bottom and side of the pillowcase, backstitching at either end of the seam, but leave the top open as shown. Clip your sewn corners and press the seams open.

How To's Day | Easy Pillow Slip Tutorial | Camelot Fabrics

4. With the pillowcase still inside-out, turn back & press a 1/2” hem at its open end, Wrong Sides together. Hand-stitch the hemmed edge to the seam allowance where your Accent fabric, Edging and Main fabric are joined.

5. Turn the pillowcase Right Side out and slip it over your pillow.



We hope you have enjoyed this week’s free project tutorial! If you decide to give this project a try, or any of our other free DIY projects, we would love to see. You can send us a photo to and you could be featured in a future Fan Friday! Have a great day everyone!




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