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How To’s Day: Roonie the Raccoon Tutorial

January 28th, 2014 by Camelot Fabrics

Hi everyone!




Happy Tuesday! We hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Today is How To’s Day on the blog, and we’ve got one of the most adorable DIY tutorials to share with you.


Today’s tutorial is on our DIY Raccoon Softie Pillow. He’s soft, he’s squishy, and he’s super sweet. He is the perfect cuddling friend for all your little (and big!) loved ones! A person can never have too many plush toys or pillows, and this little guy is the perfect mix of both and would make anyone happy. Whether as a newborn baby’s first stuffie, a cuddler for a little one, or a pillow friend for anyone…no one will be able to resist his absolutely charming and friendly face!





How absolutely cute is this little fellow? We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Camelot Fabrics Design Team Studio…Roonie the Raccoon! He would definitely love some new friends from all around the world though. To see how you can make your very own raccoon softie, click more to see the full tutorial and template! :)

Raccoon Softie Pillow Tutorial





– 1 yd of Plush Fleece (60” wide) from Camelot Fabrics in 8322/E #02, Stone
– 1/4 yd of Plush Fleece (60” wide) from Camelot Fabrics in 8322/E #11, White
– 1/8 yd of Plush Fleece (60” wide) from Camelot Fabrics in 8322/# #15, Black
– 2 yds of black embroidery thread or fine black yarn (we used a piece of mohair)
– Embroidery needle
– Small amount of fiber stuffing for arms and legs
– 20” x 20” pillow form
– Paper printer
– 24” straight edge ruler & a right angle
– Basic sewing supplies: sewing machine, gray, black & white thread, scissors & fabric shears, straight pins, and fabric marker

– Please wash & dry your fabric before beginning.- When sewing an appliqué seam, use a medium-long zig-zag stitch and 1/4” seam allowance. For all other seams, use a regular straight stitch and a 1/2” seam allowance.
– Be sure to change the color of thread loaded in your machine depending on which color fleece you are sewing.





1. Print the Raccoon Template PDF at 100% actual size. Trim each page along the marked border and tape the pieces together when indicated by the numbered triangles. Cut out the templates.

2. From the Gray Fleece, cut a 21” square, including the Ear extensions on the top corners as shown. This is the Front Body of the raccoon.raccoon-pillow_diagram_01

3. Use the Empty Belly template to cut out a hole in the Body square as shown. This hole will be filled by the white Belly piece.raccoon-pillow_diagram_02

4. From the Gray Fleece, cut (2) 21” x 16” rectangles, including the Ear extensions on the top corners of one rectangle as shown; this is the Upper Back. The 21” x 16” rectangle without Ears is the Lower Back.


5. Cut out the remaining template pieces on double layers of fleece, folded Right Sides together, as noted on the template. Make sure to cut the Belly piece with its long straight edge against the fabric’s fold, and to trace each Arm & Leg piece twice.



1. With your fabric marker, lightly draw an eye on the Right Side of each Eye piece as shown. Embroider the length of these lines with your embroidery floss or yarn, using a chain stitch (we have instructions for that here) or simple running stitch.


2. Position each Eye piece on an Inner Mask piece as shown, both Right Sides facing upward. Pin & appliqué the Eyes in place, with a zig-zag stitch as mentioned in the opening notes.


3. Position the Inner Mask pieces on top of the Outer Mask pieces as shown, with both layers’ Right Sides upward. Pin & appliqué the Masks together.

4. Lay the Body piece on top of the Belly piece, Right Sides together, and pin the two layers together around their long curved edges. Sew the two pieces together along this seam.

5. Position the Mask units on the face of the Body unit as shown. Pin & appliqué the masks in place.


6. Pin the Nose between the two Mask units, centered on the seam joining the Belly to the Body square. Sew a vertical seam down the center of the Nose, then appliqué the Nose to the Body & Masks.


7. Lightly draw a mouth below the Nose as shown, and embroider it as you did the raccoon’s eyes.

8. Appliqué each Paw piece to the end of an Arm piece as shown.

9. Sew each “Pawed” Arm piece to a Pawless Arm, Right Sides together and leaving the straight end open. Sew the Legs together in pairs, Right Sides together, leaving the straight ends open. Turn the Arms & Legs Right Sides out and stuff them with fiber filling.

10. Sew a 1” hem along one long edge of each Back piece.

11. Lay the Lower Back on top of the Body, Right Sides together, with the bottom & sides aligned and the hemmed edge toward the top of the work. Fit the Arms & Legs between the two layers as shown, making sure that the Paw side of each Arm is against the front Body layer. Pin & sew all layers together around the sides & bottom.raccoon-pillow_diagram_09

12. Lay the Upper Back on top of the Body & Lower Back, Right Side inward, with the top, Ears & sides aligned; this piece will overlap the upper part of the Lower Back. Pin & sew in place around the sides, Ears & top.

13. Turn the project Right Sides outward and tie each Ear extension in a knot, then fit the whole thing over your pillow form.


We hope you have enjoyed today’s tutorial, and find yourself wanting to make your very own cuddly raccoon yourself! We definitely will be making Roonie a friend, or two! :) If you decide to give this tutorial a try (Roonie loves to make friends!), or any of our other DIY projects, we would love to see your finished projects. You can send your pictures to Have a great day everyone!




Happy Sewing!

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