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Thankful Thursday: The Mothers of Professional Basketball Players

October 17th, 2013 by admin

Hi everyone,




Happy Thursday! We hope you are having a lovely Thursday thus far. On Thursdays we like to take the time to appreciate those who have lovingly supported us…and there truly are so many!!


One project that we have been proudly working on this year is our #SewSocial Project. This is the first year that we’ve launched it, so it’s still in its infancy, but with the resounding positive feedback from many, many people it has grown wonderfully in such a short period. Our #SewSocial Project partners up with Quilts for Kids, a fantastic organization that sews lap quilts for children with long-term illnesses and children of abuse. We feel so honored to be working with such an inspiring organization. We also have the privilege of working with Mary Fons, creator and founder of Quilty Magazine, who will be creating the lap quilts – a quick {for now!} thank you to her! We hope to continue our #SewSocial Project in the following years, to only grow more and comfort as many children in need as we can.


This year, we have partnered up with the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players (MPBP). They have been an integral part in helping our #SewSocial Project grow. On August 4th, 2013 we hosted a #SewSocial Launch Party in Orlando, Florida with the MPBP, Mary Fons, and the lovely ladies from Quilts with Kids. There was lots of yummy food, many laughs and happy tears, and a bustling of creativity and sewing…amongst beautiful company. It was such a lovely and successful event, for such an incredible cause.


Our wonderful NBA fabric!


The MPBP, Quilts for Kids, Mary Fons, and Camelot Fabric’s Steve Haupt

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Lucille O’Neal (Shaq’s mom) working on a lap quilt.


We wanted to take this time to thank the MPBP for all their generosity and love, and for their support with our #SewSocial Project. The world can get pretty heavy and dark at times, but there is something magical about creating and doing something good that warms the heart…there is no better feeling.


We’ve also gotten tremendous support for our #SewSocial Project from all of you, so thank you! All of your virtual quilts have been fantastic. If you would like to be a part of our #SewSocial Project, you can visit our microsite and create your very own virtual quilt. All the virtual quilts will be used as inspiration by Mary Fons for the lap quilts that will be donated. Every ounce of support is much appreciated. It truly makes our day…and will make all the children’s day a little brighter!




As always, happy sewing!

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